Khorfakkan Tour

Khorfakkan Tour

Khorfakkan Tour is going to give you a very calming and comforting experience. There will be no noise, no city jumble – just you, a squeaky-clean beach, an Attractive man-made waterfall, age-old themed architecture, and mountains between pleasant weather.

Its located amidst the rugged Hajar Mountains (biodiverse mountains) in the Emirates of Sharjah. khorfakkan Trip makes a perfect one-day or weekend getaway with plenty of things to do in the town. We operate Khorfakkan tour with many sights to visit the beauty of Shees Park, Rafisah Dam, Khorfakkan Amphitheater, and Khorfakkan Waterfall at Beach. We offer special packages that will let you enjoy the stunning beauty of this historical place and explore its surrounding hidden gems.
At the Rafisah Dam, You can experience various sports activities, such as boating & kayaking during the khorfakkan tour.

Activities in Khorfakkan Tour.

  • Shees Park:
  • It is a massive park covering an area of 11, 362 located near Wadi Shees. There’s a playing area, shaded seats, and a lot to do here. You can climb the mountain walkways, stroll around the park or simply admire the waterfall it nestles.

  • Shea Fortress
  • Shea Fortress is the newly restored hidden gem located close to the Wadi Shea Khorfakkan. It is a famous picture point and a must-visit place. Get tons of pictures here and create long-lasting memories

  • Al Rafisah Dam
  • The dam was originally built in the 1980s. However, it’s been upgraded now for tourists. It features a rest area, picnic play area for kids, an eatery, a visitor’s center, and a serene ambiance, which is missing in city life. As part of our special package for the Khorfakkan tour, you can have a memorable kayaking experience here & amidst the scenic beauty of the dam.

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Khorfakkan Tour Packages

Get ready for your next fun & multi-adventures day trip to Khorfakkan with us and confirm your booking.


Economy Package

Pick-Drop by shared bus at centerlines locations.

125 AED

Key Advantage:

  • Shared Transport
  • includes all standard services

What You’ll Get:

  • Transfer by shared vehicle at centralized points.
  • Shees Park Visit
  • Shea Fortress Visit
  • Al Shalal Waterfall Visit
  • Khorfakkan Amphitheater Visit
  • Khorfakkan Beach Walk
  • 360° City View At Rabi Tower
  • Al Rafisah Dam Visit
  • Swan Lake At Rafisah Lake Visit
  • Bottled Water
khorfakkan tour by 4x4 vehicle-white-kayak

Super Saver Package

Pick-Drop by 4WD at Hotel-Residence.

200 AED

Key Advantage:

  • Minimum 4 pax required.
  • 4WD Transfer at your location
  • Kayaking at Rafisah Dam
  • Lunch at Dam view Restaurant

What You’ll Get:

  • Transfer by shared 4WD vehicle at your Residence.
  • Shees Park Visit
  • Shea Fortress Visit
  • Al Shalal Waterfall Visit
  • Khorfakkan Amphitheater Visit
  • Khorfakkan Beach Walk
  • 360° City View At Rabi Tower
  • Al Rafisah Dam Visit
  • Swan Lake At Rafisah Lake Visit
  • Bottled Water
khorfakkan tour by 4x4 vehicle-blue-kayak

Premium Package

Pick-Drop by Private 4WD + Kayaking & Lunch at Rafisah Dam.

799 AED

Key Advantage:

  • Exclusive Cruiser for 2 Persons.
  • Kayaking & Lunch included.
  • Refreshments included.
  • Flexible Timings.

What You’ll Get:

  • Transfer by Private Cruiser at your Residence.
  • Shees Park Visit
  • Shea Fortress Visit
  • Al Shalal Waterfall Visit
  • Khorfakkan Amphitheater Visit
  • Khorfakkan Beach Walk
  • 360° City View At Rabi Tower
  • Al Rafisah Dam Visit
  • Swan Lake At Rafisah Lake Visit
  • Exclusive Tour (10 Hours)
  • Kayaking At Rafisah Dam
  • Lunch
  • Bottled Water
  • Full Day Tour with Flexible timings.
Join The Ride.

York Tourism® licensed & in operation since 2014. We are a broad and qualified local amusement agency. Buckle up with us & get the Best Desert Safari Tour in Dubai by direct management.

Khorfakkan Tour Inclusions

Includes in Khorfakkan Trip:

  • Door Steps Pick & Drop
  • Exploring Shees Park
  • Exploring Shea Fortress
  • Khorfakkan Amphitheater
  • Photos Al Shalal Waterfall
  • Khorfakkan Beach Walk
  • 360° City View At Al Rabi Tower
  • Visit at Rafisah Dam | Kayaking
  • Bottled Mineral Water

Additional (on-demand) Services:

  • Optional Lunch At Rafisah Dam
  • Visit To Nahwa Cave
    (Exclusive Package Only)


Additional Information’s:

  • Payments are cash upon Pickup
  • PayPal / Bank Transfer Accepted
  • Under 3 years are exempt from all costs.
  • A child must be 2 – 7 years old for Kayaking with a guardian.
  • Loose-fitted, relaxed trousers or jeans are recommended while khorfakkan tour.

Watch Khorfakkan Tour Activities

Khorfakkan Tour Schedule:

Khorfakkan Tour lasts about 8-10 hours, starts from 07:00 am to around 02:30 pm. Khorfakkan Day Trip has almost 10 Tourist Attractions depending upon package selection along with an electrifying journey by passing through mountain tunnels & photo-stops.

Timings & Duration.
Standard Package: 07:00 am – 02:30 pm
Exclusive Package: Flexible Timings

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Why Choose Us For Khorfakkan Trip?

Comprehend the the key reasons to entrust our Traveler’s Choice Awarded for Khorfakkan Tour in Dubai:

  • Book Directly with Organizing Management.
    Get a tidy experience at Khorfakkan Trip that has direct assistance from our team all the time, without concerning agents or 3rd parties.
  • No Hidden Costs.
    There are no extra nickel dimes aside from your selected Khorfakkan Tour Packages. Each tour package has a fixed tariff and has pre-included services accordingly. There will be no extra costs while you have the pre-listed activities from your Khorfakkan tour package.
  • York Tours® vs Competitiveness.
    We are not just another operator that offers services for tours in Dubai. Our team is earmarked to make this adventure the most impressive for you and your family. You can expect us to go farther than the promised standards during your Khorfakkan Trip.
  • More Prospects.
    Apart from a Khorfakkan Trip, We offer multiple different trips. So, once you have done the Khorfakkan Tour with us, You can venture on other journeys in the United Arab Emirates such as the famous Desert Safaris, Hatta Tour, Dubai City Tour, Abu Dhabi City Tour, Cruise Tours Musandam Oman.

the answers that might help in planning and during the khorfakkan tour.

Is lunch included in the Khorfakkan tour?

Yes, lunch is included in the Khorfakkan tour in specific packages, apart from the economy package. Guests are served lunch dishes at Rafisah Lounge restaurant.

What is the price of Kayaking in Khorfakkan?

The price of the Khorfakkan trip with kayaking starts from AED 200. However, different packages have different charges. Thus, you must inquire about kayaking rates at the time of booking.

What is famous in Khorfakkan?

Sheets Park, Shea Fortress, Al Rafisah Dam, Khorfakkan Amphitheatre, Khorfakkan Beach, and Al Rabi Tower are some of the most famous places to visit and explore in Khorfakkan.

What is Khorfakkan best known for?

It’s a port town in the Emirates Of Sharjah, known as Khorfakkan (a creek of two jaws) in the foothills of Hajar mountains. Based on acumens, the most notable sites to visit in Khorfakkan are:

  • Khorfakkan Sandy Beach
  • Al Rafisah Dam
  • Wadi Shees
  • Shees Park (park over a Mountain)
  • Al Shallal Waterfalls
  • Roman Themed Amphitheater
  • 2700 Metters Tunnels 
  • Souq Sharq & Old Mosques