Abu Dhabi Tour

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Explore the best combination of modernity and traditions in Abu Dhabi with Dubai Evening Safari.
The capital city of Abu Dhabi truly represents the cultural side of the region. It’s an amazing amalgamation between modernity and tradition, which is evident from its charismatic structures and sound infrastructure. The beautiful city ranks among the top tourist destinations as it attracts millions of visitors all around the year. Despite the element of modernity, the emirate has retained its unique charm and elegance. It has a rather laidback lifestyle, which is in contrast to Dubai’s fast-paced and urban lifestyle.

The laidback lifestyle doesn’t mean it’s devoid of world-class attractions, such as the ones in Dubai. In fact, the city has a long list of places to visit and explore, which keeps compelling visitors to come back to this place. There are cultural sites, huge shopping malls, entertainment zones, the manmade island (Yas Island), and many other places. Furthermore, the mesmerizing Abu Dhabi skyline deserves a special mention here.

Abu Dhabi City Trip Includes:

A Must-Visit Abu Dhabi Attractions.
We understand the capital city has a lot to explore. Therefore, we include as many attractions as we can so that the visitors get to experience the grandeur of this emirate in a limited time. Some of the main attractions included in the Abu Dhabi trip are:

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Abu Dhabi Trip From Dubai

we offers three different packages to cater to the diverse requirements of its customers, they vary in terms of prices and included facilities. We can design custom packages tailored to your individual needs.


Abu Dhabi Tour by Bus

Centralized Pick-Drop Locations in Dubai. All Days Operational.

125 AED

Key Advantage:

  • budget friendly
  • free transfer via shared bus
  • includes all standard services
  • no hidden costs

What You’ll Get:

  • Transfer by shared bus at locations.

    Spinneys Burjuman

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque visit.
  • Sheikh Zayed Center visit.
  • Abu Dhabi Heritage Village
  • Visit to Local Souks and Dates Markets.
  • Emirates Palace – Tourist Access Area.
  • Qasr Al Watan – Tourist Access Area.
  • Presidential Palace – Tourist Access Area.
  • Yas Island (Outside Visit)
  • Ferrari World (Outside Visit)
tour by 4x4 vehicle-black

Abu Dhabi Trip by 4WD Cruiser

Pick-Drop by 4WD at Hotel-Residence all over in Dubai & Sharjah.

450 AED

Key Advantage:

  • 4WD transfer at your location
  • includes ferrari world rides pass
  • no hidden costs

What You’ll Get:

  • Transfer by 4WD Cruiser from your residence.

    Maximum 6 passengers, includes entry pass to ferrari world for all travelers

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Detailed Visit.
  • Sheikh Zayed Center Detailed Visit.
  • Abu Dhabi Heritage Village
  • Visit to Local Souks and Dates Markets.
  • Emirates Palace – Tourist Access Area.
  • Qasr Al Watan – Tourist Access Area.
  • Presidential Palace – Tourist Access Area.
  • Yas Island – 30 min stop for photos
  • Ferrari World (Full Access with Ferrari World Pass)
  • Bottled Water & Tea included.
Join The Ride.

York Tourism® licensed & in operation since 2014. We are a broad and qualified local amusement agency. Buckle up with us & get the Abu Dhabi City Tour in UAE by direct management.

Abu Dhabi City Tour – Important Information’s

Abu Dhabi Tour Mandatories:

  • Shorts Not Allowed
  • Sleeveless Shirts Not Allowed
    (you can wear t-shirt)
  • Wear Long Sleeves
  • Cover Hairs With Scarf
  • Wear Loose & Long Trousers
    (cover your legs loosely / tights & chinos are not allowed)
  • Thin & Transparent Fabrics Are Strictly Prohibited.
  • Children under 3 years are exempt from all costs during sightseeing.
    (ferrari world pass may applied additional)

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Pass Includes:

  • Flying Aces
  • Turbo Track
  • Turbo Tower
  • Flying Wings
  • Formula Rossa
  • Formula Rossa Junior
  • Bell’Italia
  • Benno’s Great Race
  • Junior GT
  • Tyre Twist
  • Speed of Magic
  • Made in Maranello
  • Nello’s Adventureland
  • Scuderia Challenge
  • Galleria Ferrari
  • Junior Grand Prix
  • Driving with the Champion
  • Viaggio in Italia
  • Junior Training Camp
  • Speedway Race
  • Fiorano GT Challenge
  • Karting Academy
  • RC Challenge
  • Tyre Change Experience
  • 23 Motor Midway Games

Abu Dhabi Tour Schedule from Dubai:

Abu Dhabi Tour from Dubai takes almost 10 hours, starting from 08:00 am until 08:00 pm. Abu Dhabi Sightseeing Trip has a centralized and private pick-drop facility upon package selection with and without Ferrari World Pass.

Timings & Duration.
Tour Duration: Half-Day 6 Hours – Full-Day 12 Hours
Pickup Time: 08:00 AM ± 30 Minutes
Drop Back: Half-Day 02:00 PM – Full-Day 08:00 PM

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Why Choose Us For Abu Dhabi City Tour?

Comprehend the the key reasons to entrust our Traveler’s Choice Awarded for City Tours from Dubai:

  • Book Directly with Organizing Management.
    Get a tidy experience at Abu Dhabi Tour that has direct assistance from our team all the time, without concerning agents or 3rd parties.
  • No Hidden Costs.
    There are no extra nickel dimes aside from your selected Abu Dhabi Tour Packages. Each tour package has a fixed tariff and has pre-included services accordingly. There will be no extra costs while you have the pre-listed activities from your tour package.
  • York Tours® vs Competitiveness.
    We are not just another operator that offers services for tours in Dubai. Our team is earmarked to make this adventure the most impressive for you and your family. You can expect us to go farther than the promised standards during your Abu Dhabi City Tour.
  • More Prospects.
    Apart from a Abu Dhabi Tour, We offer multiple different trips. So, once you have done the Abu Dhabi trip with us, You can venture on other journeys in the United Arab Emirates such as the famous Desert Safaris, Khorfakkan Tour, Dubai City Tour, Musandam Oman Tour & Cruise Tours.

the answers that might help in planning and during the abu dhabi tour.

What is included in Abu Dhabi city tour?

Abu Dhabi City Tour allows you to explore the beauty of Arabs capital, a gateway of fun-filled opportunity, With these common includes:

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Tourist Access.
  • Sheikh Zayed Center Tourist Access.
  • Abu Dhabi Heritage Village Tourist Access.
  • Full Access in Souks and Dates Markets.
  • Marina Mall Of Abu Dhabi
  • Emirates Palace | Tourist Access.
  • Presidential Palace | Tourist Access.
  • Yas Island (Outside Only) | 30 Min Stay With Ferrari World Package
  • Ferrari World (Outside Only) | 4 Hour Full Access With Ferrari World Pass
What is Abu Dhabi best known for?

Abu Dhabi becomes famous due to Capital City of the United Arab Emirates and, a center of political, cultural, and tourism activities. Millions of tourist around the world visiting Abu Dhabi has been recorded every year and the Arabian hospitality still reigns supreme.

What is the best time to visit Abu Dhabi?

November to April, The temperature is at its kindest at this time. The rest of the year is so hot due to the geographical climate, residents seek an air-conditioned environment like their life depends on it.

What is famous in Abu Dhabi?

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the major tourist magnet and wows to all who visit. Another good reason is excursions to the desert landscapes of Liwa. Find the top famous things in Abu Dhabi this list:

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
  • Ferrari World. Ferrari World.
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi.
  • Mangrove National Park
  • Yacht Tours.
  • Qasr Al-Hosn.
  • Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital.
  • Emirates Palace
  • Presidential Palace
  • Yas Water World
  • Yas Island
  • Desert Safari
  • Emirates Park Zoo
  • Heritage Village
  • Dates Market
  • Spices Souks
  • Fragrance (OUD) Souks
How many rides are there in Ferrari World Dubai?

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi has 37 rides across the covered area of 86,000 square meters. Attractions were rated for all age groups.

What is inside Ferrari World?

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is an indoor amusement park in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The Park has Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster with 37 Different Rides.

  • Flying Aces
  • Turbo Track
  • Formula Rossa
  • Bell’Italia
  • Benno’s Great Race
  • Junior GT
  • Tire Twist
  • Speed of Magic
  • Made in Maranello
  • Scuderia Challenge
  • Galleria Ferrari
  • Junior Grand Prix
  • Driving with the Champion
  • Viaggio in Italia
  • Junior Training Camp
  • Fiorano GT Challenge
  • Fiorano GT Challenge
  • Karting Academy
What is the dress code for Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi?

It is important to dress modestly when visiting Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi as it’s a place of worship for Muslims. For men, wearing shorts is not allowed. Women are advised to wear a shirt with long sleeves so that their arms are not exposed. Similarly, they should wear a long skirt with loose fitting or long pants. They will also be asked to wear abaya (a traditional robe) and a scarf. You must remove your shoes before entering the mosque.

What is the duration of the Abu Dhabi City Tour?

It depends on your selected page. The half-day tour lasts for six hours, while the duration of the full-day package is 12 hours.