Hatta Tour

Hatta Tour

Hatta has plenty of fun as Kayak and water sports in Hatta dam and a number of traditional & culture sights. Such as Hatta Heritage Village which features stone houses built with palm-frond roofs & falaj & defensive watchtowers. Hatta Tour also covers other exhibitions that carry traditional weapons, furniture, and pottery. A detailed visit to Hatta Dam to overlook the pools of striking green water and do a Kayaking experience in Hatta Dam.

Hatta is a famous mountainous town in Dubai. It is located at the side of the Hajar Mountains in the Northeast of the United Arab Emirates. Hatta has an excellent natural spectacle & and relaxation paces far from the over-ornate life of Dubai city. Hatta Tour is a perfect outing selection for a weekend family escapes that close to a mini-daycation. The town is a developed face of an old village, it was traditionally used to skip the searing summer season heat of Dubai as it has a geographical location in the foothills of the Hajar mountains, it’s 10° cooler than any other part of the nearby emirates.

Hatta Tour is famous for Mountains Safari, Kayaking, Trekking, and its authentic local food. A Full Day Hatta Trip from Dubai is the best idea for outing the east side of the Emirates, here we have a walk-through guide about what to do on the Hatta Tour, and where to go for the best local food at Hatta Wadi.

Activities in Hatta Mountain Tour.

While a day trip from Dubai to Hatta, You will be taken to one of the best attractions of Hatta. The Hatta Dam is formed by a barrier having hazel blue waters with the reflections of the surrounding mountain. It is also famous for Hatta Kayak. Tourists adore the kayaking experience in Hatta Dam.

  • Kayak & Water Sports at Hatta Dam
  • Enjoy being on the water with Kayaking, Pedal, & Donut Boats. Hatta Kayak is available for single and double rides.

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Hatta Tour Packages

confirm your booking under multi-adventures Hatta Tour deals.

tour by 4x4 vehicle-black

Exclusive Hatta Package

Exclusive Pick-Drop by 4WD at Hotel-Residence all Over in Dubai & Sharjah.

475 AED

Key Advantage:

  • Half Day Private Tour
  • Includes all standard services
  • Valid Upto 6 Persons

What You’ll Get:

  • Transfer by Private 4WD at your Residence.
  • Hajar Mountains pass-through safari
  • Photo Point at Hajar Mountains
  • Explore Heritage Village
  • Visit Hatta Fort
  • Explore Hatta Hill Park
  • Visit Hatta Dam – Photo Point
  • Hatta Reservoir (Kayak Not Included)
  • Visit Hatta’s Local Handicraft Market
  • Visit Wadi Hub Sport Center (Photo Point)
  • Bottled Mineral Water.
khorfakkan tour by 4x4 vehicle-white-kayak

Exclusive Hatta With Kayak

Pick-Drop by 4WD at Hotel-Residence + Kayaking at Hatta Dam.

599 AED

Key Advantage:

  • 4WD Transfer / Half Day Tour
  • Pre-Included Kayak at Hatta Dam.
  • Valid For 2 Persons – (more can be added 80 AED / PP additional).

What You’ll Get:

  • Transfer by Shared 4WD at your Residence.
  • Drive Through Hatta Mountains
  • Photo Point at Hatta Mountains
  • Explore Heritage Village
  • Visit Hatta Fort
  • Explore Hatta Hill Park
  • Visit Hatta Dam
  • Visit Hatta’s Local Handicraft Market
  • Visit Wadi Hub Sport Center
  • Kayaking at Hatta Dam
  • Bottled Mineral Water
khorfakkan tour by 4x4 vehicle-blue-kayak

Platinum Hatta Package

Pick-Drop by 4WD at Hotel-Residence + Kayaking at Hatta Dam + Lunch in 5* JA Fort Restaurant.

999 AED

Key Advantage:

  • Exclusive Cruiser for 2 Persons.
  • Full Day Tour
  • Kayak Included.
  • Lunch Included.
  • Flexible Timings.

What You’ll Get:

  • Transfer by Exclusive 4WD from Residence.
  • Drive Through Hatta Mountains
  • Photo Point at Hatta Mountains
  • Explore Heritage Village
  • Visit Hatta Fort
  • Explore Hatta Hill Park
  • Visit Hatta Dam
  • Visit Hatta’s Local Handicraft Market
  • Visit Wadi Hub Sport Center
  • Exclusive Vehicle.
  • Kayaking at Hatta Dam.
  • Lunch at 5* JA Fort Hotel.
  • Flexible Timings
  • Bottled Water & Refreshments.
Join The Ride.

York Tourism® licensed & in operation since 2014. We are a broad and qualified local amusement agency. Buckle up with us & get the Best Hatta Tour from Dubai by direct management.

Hatta Tour From Dubai Inclusions

Includes in Tour Packages:

  • Pick & Drop
  • Exploring Heritage Village
  • Exploring Hatta Hill Park
  • Hatta Dam Visit
  • Photos at Mountains
  • Photos at Hatta Fort
  • Bottled Mineral Water

Additional (on-demand) Services:

  • Optional Lunch
  • Donut, Pedal or Speed Boat
    (only kayak is pre-included in the packages)


Additional Information’s:

  • Payments are cash upon Pickup
  • PayPal / Bank Transfer Accepted
  • Under 3 years are exempt from all costs.
  • A child must be 2 – 7 years old for Kayaking with a guardian.


Hatta Tour From Dubai Schedule:

Hatta Tour from Dubai lasts about 8 hours, starts from 07:00 am to around 02:00 pm. Hatta Day Trip has almost 8 Tourist Attractions depending upon package selection along with an electrifying journey by passing through the Hajar mountains.

Timings & Duration.
All Days: 07:00 Am – 02:00 Pm
Exclusive Package: Flexible Timings

Why Choose Us For Hatta Tour in Dubai?

Comprehend the the key reasons to entrust our Traveler’s Choice Awarded for Hatta Tour in Dubai:

  • Book Directly with Organizing Management.
    Get a tidy experience at Hatta Trip that has direct assistance from our team all the time, without concerning agents or 3rd parties.
  • No Hidden Costs.
    There are no extra nickel dimes aside from your selected Hatta Tour Packages. Each tour package has a fixed tariff and has pre-included services accordingly. There will be no extra costs while you have the pre-listed activities from your tour package.
  • York Tours® vs Competitiveness.
    We are not just another operator that offers services for tours in Dubai. Our team is earmarked to make this adventure the most impressive for you and your family. You can expect us to go farther than the promised standards during your Hatta Mountains Tour.
  • More Prospects.
    Apart from a Hatta Mountains Tour, We offer multiple different trips. So, once you have done the Hatta Mountains Tour with us, You can venture on other journeys in the United Arab Emirates such as the famous Desert Safaris, Khorfakkan Tour, Dubai City Tour, Abu Dhabi City Tour & Musandam Oman Cruise Tour.

the answers that might help in planning and during the hatta mountains tour.

What do you wear to Hatta?

There are no strict rules to follow when it comes to the dress code in Hatta. However, it is recommended to dress according to the climate. If you are having a Hatta trip in April, the weather will be on the warmer side; thus, wear appropriate clothes. Also, keep in mind that it’s an outdoorsy area when selecting your outfit.

Is BBQ allowed in Hatta?

Yes, BBQ is allowed in Hatta. In fact, there are dedicated BBQ areas in Hatta. If you do not wish to eat BBQ, you can also get a variety of delicacies from food trucks located nearby.

What is the best time to visit Hatta?

The ideal time to plan a Hatta trip is between October and May as the weather becomes quite pleasant during these months. For the best experience, prefer a spring or autumn tour.

What is famous in Hatta Tour?

From safari over the rocky terrain on a mountain to catch the teal lakes by kayak, Hatta Tour is known as Dubai’s ideal spot for adventure & family entertainment.

  • Pick-Drop In 4WD Car
  • Hajar Mountains Safari
  • Hatta Water Dam Visit
  • Kayak In Hatta Dam
  • Hatta Heritage Village Visit
  • Hatta Hill Park Visit
  • 360° Mountains Picture Point
  • Hatta Handicraft Market
Is Hatta Water Dam Natural?

The Hatta water Dam is a man-made reservoir. Hatta Dam was created in the middle of the mountains. Design to control and supply water to the dwellings of the zone.

Do we need passport to go to Hatta?

Passport is not required to visit Hatta Water Dam, You don’t need to cross the border to visit this place. As long as you have a valid visa, no need for any passport. People get confused by think as Hatta is the border between UAE and Oman.

Hatta is part of UAE or Oman?

Hatta is a town in the United Arab Emirates. It is an exclave of Dubai located in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains. It’s separated from the territory belonging to Sharjah, Emirates Of UAE.