Desert Safari Dubai Deals & Packages 2021

Desert Safari Dubai is a superlative attraction in the Arabian Desert. This tour has something for everyone, Such as 4WD Red Dunes Safari, Camel Riding, Sandboarding, Henna Art & Desert Sunset. As well, live Belly Dance, Classic & LED Tanura, & Fire Dance shows.

Our Desert Safari Dubai Deals are perfectly suitable for Sole, Family, and Couples. If you are traverse in Dubai or on a stopover flight, you are most likely to do different activities in Dubai. Other than visiting malls, dine in restaurants or city sightseeing, for an adventure break, one should endure a 6 Hours journey with Evening Desert Safari. Desert Safari Dubai has proven its supremacy in tours by visitors. We have earned the Travelers Choice Award by TripAdvisor for 2020. As a trusted tour operator in Dubai, we provide the best deals for Evening, Morning and Overnight Safari tours.

Our best Desert Safari Dubai deals & packages deliver a half-day adventure in a novel Arabic usage with the best services vow. Evening Desert Safari is an ideal tour for a family with children in Dubai. Desert Safari Dubai initiates with a pickup by 4×4 vehicles from your residence, Around 03:00 PM – 03:30 PM. Miles from the scenery of Dubai City, besides red dunes. You will start the first experience by the drive over red dunes edges. Explore natural comeliness at the top edges of dunes, driven by expert safari guides. Cruising up and down to do zigzags over the thin edge of immense dunes.

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As a result, you will experience an adrenaline rush pumping in your veins. (you can skip for preventive reasons). Once done, your Dubai desert safari guide will drop you inside a Bedouin-themed campsite. At this time, you will get a rich feel of the adventurous Arabian environment following the modern era. Without a doubt, safety is our top precedence. Our Dubai desert safari guides have approval from the Dubai Tourism Department (DTCM). Our safari vehicles are fitted with an extra covering frame to ensure your safety at every mile.

Main Attractions of Desert Safari Dubai

Action-Packed Activities:

It’s entertainment unlimited at Dubai Evening Safari. Our Dubai desert safari deals & packages include various action-packed thrilling activities that are going to double the fun of this trip.

You can take part in the following activities available in our desert safari Dubai packages:


You must have heard of snowboarding, or may have tried it once. But, we’re sure you haven’t tried sandboarding. It’s similar to snowboarding, but the real difference is that you will be balancing the board on sand dunes, instead of snow hills. It is one of the most loved activities included in our desert safari Dubai deals & packages that promise a thrilling experience to adventure freaks.

Dune Bashing:

Get ready to take part in the straight-out-of-Hollywood activity ‘dune bashing’ part of our Dubai desert safari activities. You must have seen 4×4 vehicles racing over the mighty sand dunes, but in the desert safari trip, you will actually become part of this adventure. Our most experienced and professional driver will drive the car over sand dunes just like they do it in movies. It’s a perfect activity to take part in if you’re looking for an extreme adrenaline rush experience on a desert safari trip.

Camel Ride:

It’s a common notion that kids love this desert safari Dubai activity, but we know, adults equally like it. After all, it’s not every day you get a chance to hop on a camel and explore the desert. We have camels ready at the campsite to take you on a journey to know what the traditional desert lifestyle looks like.

ATV Quad Bike Ride:

Make your Dubai desert safari trip more fun and exciting by riding an ATV quad bike that will be available for you at the campsite. It presents an opportunity to race with your friends on the sand dunes. This is an absolutely safe activity as you will be provided with all the necessary safety gears and equipment. Furthermore, an expert guide will also be there at the campsite to guide and assist you at any given time.

Scrumptious BBQ Meal:

Want to taste authentic Arab cuisine? There can’t be a better choice than booking a Dubai desert safari with us. Our experienced chefs prepare the best Arab delicacies that are served to our guests at the campsite. It is a lavish three-course meal with abundant options, including different salads, barbeque, curry and a selection of desserts.

The entry course includes falafel, pasta and samosa, while Fattoush salad, hummus, tabbouleh and macaroni and Russian salads are served as appetizers. When it comes to the main course, our chefs prepare jeera rice, noodles, dal, biryani, veg curry, chickpeas, Arabic khubz and sautéed veggies. Among grills, you will have shish Taouk, lamb kebab and grilled chicken. Lastly, the dessert section includes different sweets and mix fresh fruit.

Options for non-vegetarians are also available. However, you need to specify your requirements in advance so that our chef can cook the food according to your taste that you will be served at the Dubai desert safari campsite.

Other than that, you will have an unlimited supply of beverages (non-alcoholic) and tea/coffee. These are part of all the desert safari Dubai packages we offer.

Various Deals:

Evening desert safari Dubai services cater to everyone. Whether you’re a singleton, couple or a family, we have the perfect package for you. We offer different desert safari deals that vary with regard to the price and activities included.

Our most famous desert safari deals include morning, overnight and evening desert safari. The morning safari, as the name implies, starts early and lasts till late afternoon. It includes an array of fun-filled and adventurous activities that everyone in your family is going to love.

The evening desert starts at around 3 pm. Guests are dropped at their destinations at around 10 pm. Evening desert safari happens to be a popular choice for the weather is pleasant during this time. Furthermore, it allows guests to enjoy the admirable sunset views. And of course, an evening desert safari trip is incomplete without the BBQ buffet dinner, which is followed by dance performances and entertainment shows. Also, the evening desert safari includes all the activities available in the morning desert safari.

The overnight desert safari Dubai, on the other hand, starts before the sun sets and includes a night stay in the desert. We have special Bedouin-style camps for this purpose. This desert safari type includes extra activities and doubles the fun because of the BBQ meal, fire shows and belly dance performances. Furthermore, it allows guests to enjoy the stunning sunset and mesmerizing sunrise views. The campsite is completely secure and has every facility you could ask for. You will find here separate restrooms for men and women, fresh water and other comfortable sleeping bags. It’s a camping experience sans all the hassles and troubles associated with it. This makes it one of the best desert safari deals available for everyone.

Convenience and Comfort:

Even though desert safari Dubai is an adventurous journey, we, at Evening Desert Safari, will still try and make it as much convenient and comfortable for you. Our team will pick you from your location and drop you off as well. During the entire desert safari Dubai trip, we will be there at your service to ensure you are having the best time.

VIP Experience:

The campsite, during the peak season, can be a little crowded. However, if you have selected Dubai Evening Safari, you don’t have to worry about this. We offer exclusive VIP services and elite desert safari Dubai packages. You can get our premium package and enjoy this experience in the most elite way possible. You and your family will have a dedicated vehicle to yourself only. Furthermore, at the campsite, you will be allotted a private table where you can enjoy the Dubai desert safari experience to the fullest without having to worry about privacy invasion.

A Family-Friendly Attraction:

Dubai desert safari has something for every member of your family. Your kids are going to love camel riding, while women in the family can enjoy Henna tattoos. Other than that, the desert safari Dubai packs in various activities that cater to the interest of everyone. Even if you’re not fond of action-packed activities, you can still enjoy this best desert safari Dubai trip to the maximum.

You can either relax in the camps and enjoy the sunset views or wear Arab costumes and get clicked by professional photographers. After the sun sets, you and your family can together enjoy the bonfire and different performances that are arranged for our guests by our hardworking team.

A Different Experience

Dubai desert safari is a very different experience as compared to other attractions in the emirate. It takes you away from the urban lifestyle most people are used to living.

At the campsite, you can enjoy nature in its rawest form and relish its beauty. The activities, food and every other aspect of this expedition certainly cannot be classified in the ‘run-of-the-mill’ category. Furthermore, you will also get to try flavored “shisha” – an Arab-style smoke. This experience and the memories it will leave you with – you are never going to forget them. And at Dubai Evening Safari, we will make sure that these memories are extremely pleasant for you.

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Dubai Desert Safari 

We offer a range of the best desert safari Dubai packages for our clients to enjoy the salient features of this expedition.
Each package comes with a different set of attractions.



50 AED

  • Join Us From 8 Locations

  • 10 Min Dune Bash Guarantee

  • Sand-Boarding, Camel Ride
  • Unlimited Coffee & Tea

  • Smoking Area Access With Facilities
  • Soft Drinks & Mineral Water Packs
  • Arabic Costumes For Pictures
  • Veg & Non-Veg BBQ Buffet Dinner
  • Live Shows, Tanoura & Belly Dance

  • Long Camel Ride (Camel Trek)

  • ATV Quad Bike Ride – 20 Minutes

  • VIP Seating With Table-Servings



100 AED

  • Doorsteps Transfer By Land Cruiser

  • Extended Dune Bash 45 Minutes
  • Sand-Boarding, Camel Ride
  • Unlimited Coffee & Tea

  • Smoking Area Access With Hookah

  • Soft Drinks & Mineral Water Packs
  • Arabic Costumes For Pictures
  • Veg & Non-Veg BBQ Buffet Dinner
  • Live Shows, Tanoura & Belly Dance

  • Long Camel Ride (Camel Trek)
  • ATV Quad Bike Ride – 20 Minutes

  • VIP Seating With Table-Servings

atv bike safari


175 AED

  • Doorsteps Transfer By Land Cruiser

  • Extended Dune Bash 45 Minutes
  • ATV Quad Bike Ride – 20 Minutes
  • Sand-Boarding, Camel Ride
  • Unlimited Coffee & Tea

  • Smoking Area Access With Hookah

  • Soft Drinks & Mineral Water Packs
  • Arabic Costumes For Pictures
  • Veg & Non-Veg BBQ Buffet Dinner
  • Live Shows, Tanoura & Belly Dance

  • Long Camel Ride (Camel Trek)
  • VIP Seating With Table-Servings


225 AED

  • Doorsteps Transfer By Land Cruiser

  • Extended Dune Bash 45 Minutes
  • Long Camel Ride (Camel Trek)
  • ATV Quad Bike Ride – 20 Minutes
  • VIP Seating With Table – Servings
  • Sand-Boarding, Camel Ride
  • Unlimited Coffee & Tea

  • Smoking Area Access With Hookah

  • Soft Drinks & Mineral Water Packs
  • Arabic Costumes For Pictures

  • Veg & Non-Veg BBQ Buffet Dinner
  • Live Shows, Tanoura & Belly Dance

Why Choose Dubai Evening Safari?

Take a look at the reasons why you should choose us if you want the best experience for desert safari in Dubai:


  • We have professional staff on board. Be it drivers, guides, chefs and crew available at the campsite, everyone is geared to make the desert safari in Dubai experience the most memorable for you.
  • The process of booking a desert safari in Dubai with us is very simple and straightforward. Simply get in touch with us and our customer service representative will guide you through the entire process.
  • We are not just another company that offers services for desert safari in Dubai. We are dedicated to making this experience the best one for you and your family. Therefore, you can expect us to go above and beyond the set standards and do everything in our capacity to give the most enjoyable experience of desert safari in Dubai.
  • Apart from a desert safari in Dubai, we offer numerous other trips. So, after you have enjoyed the best desert safari with us, you can embark on another journey in the emirates.
  • All our services and trips, including desert safari in Dubai, are available at affordable rates.
  • We offer different deals and packages for desert safari in Dubai. Whether you are looking for the morning, overnight or evening desert safari deals, we have got you covered. Choose from our range of packages and have the best experience that’s easy on your budget and provides unlimited fun.

More Things To Do In Dubai

Looking for options other than desert safari Dubai? We have got you covered. Here are some other tours and offers we have for our valuable clients:

Hatta Dam Tour

Hatta Mountains Tour

From 70 AED / $25

Hatta Tour Includes:
Tarvel through wadi’s,
Experience Kayaking In Hatta Dam,
Visit Hatta Heritage Village.

Overnight Desert Safari Deals

Overnight Desert Safari

From 125 AED / $35

Overnight Desert Stay Includes:
All Includes of Evening Desert Safari +
Overnight Stay Under Twinkling Stars
In Private Tents + Light Breakfast.

Morning Desert Safari Deals

Morning Desert Safari

From 120 AED / $33

Early Morning Safari Includes:
1 Hour Red Dunes Bashing
Camel Trekking, Sand Board, ATV Buggy
Prepacked Light Breakfast

Evening Desert Safari Inclusions:

  • Free Pick-Drop. Desert Safari Packages have a pickup facility from the hotel, home, central points.

  • Red Dunes Drive. 4×4 desert drive in safety equipped Land Cruiser.
  • Camel Ride. Get connected with an ancient friend of Arabs. Ride on their seated hump.
  • Classical Themed Desert Camp. Feel the rich Arabian environment inside a fenced camp.
  • Refreshments. Take soft drinks, Arabic tea, coffee, and mineral water to stay hydrated.
  • Traditional Arabic Dress. Wear Arabic gowns, Kandura for gents & Abbaya for females.
  • Henna Tattoo. In Arabic culture, they apply henna for short-lived prints on hands, arms, or feet.
  • Barbecue Buffet Dinner. Barbecue buffet dinner under veg/non-veg options. Buffet has many types of salads, curry, barbecue & dessert.

Desert Safari Buffet Menu.

  • Entrée Course: Falafel – Pasta – Samosa
  • Grills: Shish Taouk – Grilled Chicken – Lamb Kebab
  • Appetizers: Tabbouleh – Garlic Sauce – Fattoush SaladHummus – Russian & Macaroni Salad
  • Main Course: Jeera Rice – Biryani Rice – Noodles – Dal – Mix Vegetables Curry – Chana Masala (Chickpeas) – Sautéed Veggies – Arabic Khubz
  • Sweets: Mix Fresh Fruit, Sweets

Centralized Meeting Point In Dubai & Sharjah.

Deira City Center Dubai — Spinneys Next To Burjuman — LuLu Hyper Mall, Al Barsha — Dragon Mart 1 — City Center Sharjah — Mega Mall Sharjah — Sahar Center Sharjah — New Nesto, Fire Station Road, National Paint.