Global Village Dubai Timings, Ticket Price, New Pavilions, Location, Parking, Bus Routs, of Season 25, 2020.

Global Village Dubai is celebrating its silver jubilee this year. In this guide you will learn all about this bets multi-culture Dubai Tourist Attraction Global Village Dubai is ready to resume for another season. This will be the 25th season with the silver Jubilee of the themed park. The all new 25th season of Global Village Dubai will begin from October 25, 2020, onward 25 weeks, concluding in April 2021.

For the first time in Park history, U.A.E residents will be able to endure Ramadan at Global Village, which is likely to make for different Iftar opportunities. An added change for this season is the opening hours Saturday has been extended. The park will be open from 02:00 PM until 11:00 PM (previous season open from 04:00 PM until midnight).


Global Village Dubai Season 25

In Season 25, 2020, the Global Village Dubai has 26 pavilions including, newly added Russia and Cambodia.

Other re-renovate pavilions are included, such as Afghanistan, Africa, Al Sanaa, and the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Syria, Thailand, and the UAE. Some of the Previously launched attractions during the 24th season will also be returning.

From the hustle-bustle of street-side markets to non-stop family sports, this is the ideal destination for that excellent family day out for UAE tenants or visitors. Every day, new visitors fall in love with this authoritative excursion around the world for shopping, food, and live shows, and returning visitors savor something new every season.


Inside The Global Village Dubai.

  • Carnaval.
    Get all the fun of the fair, including 60 exhilarating rides and skill competitions for all generations. Thrill to family rides, Carnaval has something for everyone. Visit Carnaval Website.
  • Shopping.
    Shop at over 3,400+ retail outlets. With nation pavilions display & authentic regional goods and entertainment of over 77+ nations, there is no end to different buying experiences in Global Village season 25, 2020.
  • Entertainment.
    There is nevermore a dull minute with our performance shows. From Superstar’s live Concerts to Stunt shows, Fireworks to kids shows.
  • Restaurants And Dining.
    Let the taste buds go on a world trip with 25+ multi-cultural restaurants and cafes striving real global menus and over 170 multi-cultural meal stalls giving True street food experience

New Pavilions In Global Village.


Global Village Dubai is a massive park. The event spread over an area of 17,200,000 Square Feet. While there’s no humanly feasible way for you to cover all pavilions in the event, you can still make the most of your time there by preparing your visit. Decide out which country’s pavilion you’re curious about and then make a plan subsequently.

Global Village Dubai Pavilions Season 25, 2020:

Middle East & North Africa:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Yemen
  • Lebanon
  • Syria
  • Iran
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Palestine
  • Jordan

Far East Pavilions:
China • Thailand • Japan • Korea • Vietnam • Thailand • Philippine • Cambodia

Europe Pavilions:
Turkey • Europe • Bosnia • Balkans • Azerbaijan • Russia

African Pavilions:

Egypt • Africa • Morocco

South Asian Pavilions:
Pakistan • Afghanistan • India

Ticket Price For Global Village Dubai.

Ticket Price for Global Village Dubai is 15 AED for one person. The followings persons are eligible for free entry to Global Village:

  • Under 3 Years Children.
  • Seniors Citizens above 65.
  • People of Determination. (with one companion each)

People of determination are offered free entrance to the park with a companion, wheel chairs are available at all gates. To ensure they don’t go through any hassle of queues, Global Village offer them VIP Gates access.

Global Village Dubai Timings.

  • Saturday – Wednesday:
    4:00pm – 12:00am (last entry at 11:30pm)

Weekends & Public Holidays.

  • Thursday – Friday:
    4:00pm – 1:00am (last entry at 12:30am)

Family Days.

  • Every Monday is Families & Ladies only
    (excluding when a public holiday fall on a Monday)

Global Village Dubai Location.

Global Village is located at Exit 37,
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road, Dubai.

Global Village Entrance

There are 2 entry gates to Global Village.

Global Village Location

Global Village Bus Timing.

  • Global Village Dubai from Rashidiya Metro Station
  • Bus No. 102 starts from Rashidiya Metro Station.
  • Global Village Bus Timing from Union Metro Station.
  • Bus No. 103 starts from Union Metro Station by Baniyas Street, Al Rebat Street, and Nad Al Hamar.
  • Global Village Bus Timing from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station.
  • Bus No. 104 starts from Al Ghubaiba and will pass by Sheikh Rashid Street, Al Jafiliya Metro Station, 2nd Za’Abeel Street and Dubai-AlAin Street.
  • Global Village Bus Timing from Mall of the Emirates Metro Station.
  • Bus No. 106 starts from MOE Metro Station. The service runs from 3:15pm until 11:15pm, with 30 minutes of travel time.
  • For more information, contact RTA on 8009090.

Taxi Fare To Global Village Dubai

Taxi fares in Dubai areas are calculated based on the minimum charges for the consequent kilometers. Taxis in Dubai charge extra at night. These additional charges are mentioned on the night fare card.

Taxi Fare from Rashidiya Metro Station to Global Village Dubai?

Taxi Fare from Abu Rashidiya Metro Station Dubai to Global Village Dubai by Emirates Road 311, Exit 37, is 52 AED. It usually takes 20 minutes to reach global village which are 24.246 KM apart.

Taxi Fare from Al Rigga Deira Dubai to Global Village Dubai?

Taxi Fare from Union Deira – Al Rigga Dubai to Global Village Dubai by Emirates Road 311, Exit 37 Costs 62 AED Approx. It usually takes 25 minutes to reach the global village which is 29.42 Km apart.

Taxi Fare from Business Bay to Global Village Dubai?

Business Bay Dubai to Global Village Dubai by Emirates Road 311, Exit 37 Costs 54 AED Approx. It usually takes 20-25 minutes to reach the global village which is 25.098 Km apart.

Miracle Garden to Global Village Dubai Taxi Fare?

Taxi Fare from Dubai Miracle Garden, Al Barsha South 3, to Global Village Dubai by Emirates Road 311, Exit 37 Costs 50 AED Approx. It usually takes 13 minutes to reach the global village which is 12.641 Km apart.

Taxi Fare from Abu Shugarah Sharjah to Global Village Dubai?

Taxi Fare from Abu Shagara Sharjah to Global Village Dubai by Emirates Road 311, Exit 37 Costs 82 AED Approx. It usually takes 30 minutes to reach the global village which is 39.28 Km apart.

Taxi Fare from Rolla Sharjah to Global Village Dubai?

Taxi Fare from Rolla Sharjah – Al Gharb to Global Village Dubai by Emirates Road 311, Exit 37, Costs 88 AED Approx. It usually takes 35 minutes to reach the Global Village Dubai which is 41.83 Km apart.

Parking At Global Village Dubai.

Parking is not an issue at all when visiting, Global Village Dubai has over 23,000 parking – the largest number at a single site in the region!

  • General Parking Area (P1 – P12): Free of Charge
  • VIP Area For Parking (1 and 2): 100 AED per day for weekdays & 200 AED per day for weekends (single entry).
  • Valet Parking Area: 50 AED per day for weekdays & 100 AED per day for weekends (single entry).
  • Parking Zone A: Access Wherever you’re parked, you can use our shuttle buses or shuttle trains free of charge to go to the entrance gates.

If you want to arrive in an authentic style from where you’re parked? Themed rickshaws are available at just AED 5 per person each way.

Frequent Questions?

Dress code for Global Village Dubai?

You can wear casual dressings in the United Arab Emirates, respect manners. Please wear a covered torso, including shoulders and legs, and knees at global village Dubai by males and females at all times in the park.

Can we wear shorts in Global Village Dubai?

Be sure not to wear shorts/miniskirts when attending Global Village, as it is strictly not allowed in the park.

What time is Global Village Dubai Do fireworks?

The fireworks at the Global Village Dubai start at 09:00 pm every Friday that last for 4-5 min. These timings are for Session 25, 2020

Can we bring food in Global Village Dubai?

Yes. There are no restrictions on carrying your Outside food. It might be a good idea to carry food, especially on weekends as a picnic party. Or you can enjoy authentic foods from many nations in the Global Village.

How much is the ticket for Global Village Dubai?

Entry Ticket Price for Global Village Dubai is 15 AED, including 5% value-added tax. Entry to the Dubai Global Village is free of cost for all children below 3 years. Senior citizens aged 65 years and above, and people held Determination ID cards.

Is there alcohol available in Global Village Dubai?

Global village policy is strictly against alcoholic beverages. There are no counters serving alcohol at Global Village.

how many pavilions are in Global Village Season 25, 2020

In season 25, 2020, the Global Village Dubai has 26 pavilions including, newly formed Russia and Cambodia.