What To Wear On Different Places In Dubai & Abu Dhabi


As you decided to visit the United Arab Emirates, you might be looking for basic information to be well prepared while traveling to this amazing part of the world. It is wonderful that you have come to right place. Here we will give you a short but brief overview of Places To Visit In Dubai & their disciplines.


The United Arab Emirates came into existence in 1971, when Seven Emirates (States) joined together. These seven emirates named as, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain.
Abu Dhabi & Dubai both are most famous states of Emirates. Abu Dhabi as Capital of U.A.E & much famous for its cultural heritage & residence city of local emirates. It is also the hometown of President of the United Arab Emirates, HH Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Abu Dhabi has many places to visit, some are mentioned here:

  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  • Yas Island
  • Ferrari World
  • Herritage Village
  • Know About All Abu Dhabi Tour

Dubai has become home to a stirring, culturally diverse blend of juvenile, fascinating and professional people all enjoying the unbeaten quality of life offered by this emirate. People are drawn to the Dubai for lifestyle reasons, outstanding employment opportunities and tourist attractions of dubai it has to offer. Dubai has been become famous For:

  • Burj Khalifa - World's Tallest Skyscraper.
  • Shopping Malls that come complete with immense Aquariums and indoor Ski Slopes
  • Dragon Mart - China's Biggest Mart In GCC
  • Palm Jumeirah Beach - Beautiful Open Beaches
  • Dubai Is Ranked In Worlds Safe City List - Safe For Tourists & Offers Tourists Rights
  • Know About All Dubai City Tour

What To Wear On Different Places In Dubai ?

Traditionally local men usually wear a white robe type dress Kandura and women wear black rode called Abaya with dignity. You are also allowed to wear these dresses if you want to. Of course, just like in every city, there are people who are more relaxed in their dressing but a majority of Dubai residents make the effort to look good and well put together when they leave home. Whether it’s going to work, or on casual weekends, or going out at night, people are generally well turned out, emergent, or over strung, or bold, or whatever the style they have.

Dubai is a fashionable, modern, and Catholic city where a majority of the population is made up of expats from all over the world. So there is no specific prohibition on dressing due to the huge mix of different cultures and tourists. But try to expose minimum skin to respect cultural modesty of this region and to stay safe from high temperatures.
While on the other hand, there are some conditions on dressing code in Abu Dhabi due to the fact that this state is more religion-oriented and house to high ranked sheikh families. Sharjah also observes dress code based on Islamic views.

Following are some general guidelines that will help you understand that what you should pack with you while coming to UAE. Public places mean places like parks, markets, restaurants, cafés, food or other festivals, cultural events, metro and of course shopping malls.

Men's can wear anything like jeans, trousers, knee-length shorts with the t-shirt or button-up shirt. You can wear a sleeveless shirt but leave vests and thigh exposing shorts for the beach. Also wear some comfortable sneakers, sandals or loafers, keeping in mind that you will have to walk a lot. Trainers and sports shoes are also very fashionable.

Ladie's should avoid too much exposure of skin in public places to respect modesty of local culture. Sports shoes are recommended & trendy in Dubai.

Some malls and restaurants have policies regarding dressing. So it’s better to not get into a situation where security might have to ask you to cover yourself. You can wear a nice looking top, t-shirt, sleeveless shirt, button up shirt with jeans, trousers or knee-length shorts/skirt. Avoid wearing crop tops, mini-skirts, low waist jeans, thigh exposing shorts and cleavage or lingerie exposing dresses if you don’t want to be frowned upon. For footwear, wear some comfy sandals, sneakers or trainers.


Dubai Weather & Season

The weather in October, November and April offer more fair temperatures of between 30°C and 35°C, but the best time to visit Dubai is between the months of December and March, when the temperature is enjoyable and the warm waters and pleasure-seeking spas are sure to have the strong effect, when the average temperature is 24°C. The hottest months are between June and September when the temperature often tops 45°C - 50°C during the day and the humidity is very high, the temperature of the ocean can reach 37°C at the hottest part of the summer. Hotel pools are cooled in the summer and heated in the winter.

The climate in Dubai is dry and rain is very rare.


Desert Safari Dubai

You will be spending the whole day in Desert Safari starting with activities like camel riding and horse riding, sand dune riding in 4x4 cruisers, sand boarding, riding the quad bike on sand dunes and taking landscape pictures in the desert during the sunset.

One of the most thrilling and exciting experiences which you will have in UAE is while you are on desert safari. It is actually unique in its own nature. Because shopping malls, beaches, festivals, clubs, etc are in every part of the world. You will be spending the whole day in desert starting with activities like Camel Riding and horse riding, sand dune riding in 4x4 cruisers, sand boarding, riding the quad bike on sand dunes and taking landscape pictures in the desert during the sunset. In the evening you will enjoy enchanting belly dance, fire dance and Tanura show which will be followed by Arabic BBQ Dinner.
You want to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Because you want to stay energetic whole day to enjoy most out of this wonderful experience and also want to look good in pictures you will be taking.


Men's can wear anything practical and comfortable jeans, trousers or shorts with casual shirts or casual button-up shirt.

Women should wear something light and functional like jeans, trousers or long skirt with a t-shirt, long top, or casual shirt. If you are not going to do a lot of activities like horse, camel and quad riding then you can even wear an active dress or a jumpsuit.

Desert Safari is the during the daytime, it will be hot and sunny so keep yourself hydrated all the time. Wear sunglasses and hats and use sun-block to escape sunburn. Men can bring their jackets and women can also bring something like shawls or jackets to cover themselves because it will be chilly in the evening. For footwear both men and women should wear covered, comfortable and practical shoes like sneakers, sports shoes or boots to avoid contact with hot sand. Ladies should not be wearing heels.


Open Beach - Restaurants & Bars - Food Chains

Women can wear swimsuits and bikinis at beaches. Avoid wearing thongs as they are not reasonable for public beaches. For footwear flip flops are fine. Men should wear swim shorts with tank tops and flip-flops.
Both men and women should take their glasses, hats, and sunblocks with them.

Restaurants & Bars
Women can wear jumpsuit, romper, dresses, top or shirt with jeans, jewelry, clutch, shoes. Avoid sneakers as some restaurants or bars may not allow them. Men can wear polo shirts, tees, dress shirts, with decent jeans, chinos, cotton pants. Leave sneakers and wear semi-formal shoes.

Food Chains

For a leisurely meal of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine, the visitor must indulge his taste buds with a visit to 'Al Qasr' found in Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa, its special position overlooks the beautifully landscaped garden, swimming pools, and the beach.

The delicious delights are follow-by belly dancers and Arabic music, providing the perfect Arabian dream. The restaurants are in the city various keys that provide hubs of varying restaurants and one of these is 'Century Village' which is an absolute must-see on any visitor's list and is located right next door to the 'Irish village'. It is a small oasis of fine dining restaurants in a relaxing atmosphere of fountains and greenery.


For Indian cuisine perhaps no better choice could be made than by visiting 'Ashiana'. It is One of the most famous and most highly respected Indian Restaurant and provides Northern Indian specialties. Situated in the Sheraton Dubai Hotel and Towers, it offers a very clubby ambiance, whether for business or pleasure, service is excellent and waiters are more than willing to recommend specialty dishes. The evening sees the appearance of the equally famous Ashiana resident band which enhances the ambiance with the pleasing sound of classical Indian music.

List of Restaurants in Dubai:

  • Eat & Meat- The H Dubai
  • Lal Qila
  • Nayaab Handi
  • Grand Barbeque Restaurant
  • Daily Express Restaurant
  • Kulfilicious

Shopping Malls In Dubai

Dubai is synonymous with shopping; there is nothing you cannot buy when shopping in Dubai. From gold to electronics, designer labels, and luxury items, the emirate is packed with huge shopping malls built side-by-side with older outlets, where small shop owners sell everything from spices to clothing to carpets and rugs. Goods in Dubai are available from all over the world including Turkey, Iran, India, and China.
Dubai shopping centers have been giving great competition to the prime shopping target like Singapore, New York, Paris, etc. Second to none in their constructive flourish, these Dubai shopping market have become some of the biggest tourist attractions of Dubai.

  • Dragon Mart
  • Grand Shopping Mall
  • Boulevard Emirates tower
  • Dubai Mall
  • Mall of Emirates
  • Ibn e Battuta Mall
  • Dubai Marina Mall
  • Beach Center

Casual dressing is recomended, try to avoide skin tights & transparency fabrics.


Good To Know !

Languages in Dubai have never been an issue and most of the schools in Dubai teach English along with Arabic. The medium of instruction is usually English but crossing the barrier of language in Dubai there are a number of schools in Dubai that teach foreign languages including French and Russian to children. Language is the most important marker of identity for a country and the National Language in Dubai is Arabic which speaks a lot about the country and its people. Although according to the Constitution of the country the official language in Dubai is Arabic. Yet English is widely spoken and different regional languages are also often used.


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