This is our commitment-free policy to make your plans while staying docile. We will freeze your reservation calendar, and you can pay at the time of pickup on the same day of the activity. secure your spot with comfort, stay flexible with 0% cancellation.


Find Your Adventure:
Select the event you want to experience without being locked, even if your plan (or the weather) changes, you can modify your schedule for 0% additional costs.

Make a Reservation
When you’re ready, we’ll collect some info to hold your activity and schedule a date up to six months in advance.

Choose when to pay
Choose to pay at any time, our representative will remind you two days before your event. You can cancel for free up to 24 hours before your experience.

Enjoy your experience
Once you’ve secured your event, you’re all set. We will pass your confirmation email.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, the option is available for all activities & tours.

Meanwhile, Reserve Now Pay Later facility, you will receive an unpaid-confirmation email at the time of reservation; until the full amount has been paid. Upon final payment, you will receive another confirmation email with scheduled information.

The final payment is due 1 day* earlier to your picked tour date.

For your convenience, a reminder will be sent at least 2 days before your selected tour date.

*The payment date is subject to the package/tour selection.

Yes, you can settle with cash even, at the same time of the pick-up, direct to your tour guide. An e-receipt will be sent to you instantly.

We understand that plans change and you can absolutely make changes to your booking right up until 6 hours before the excursion.

In some conditions such as groups or functions, 25% is a must to finalize reservation as an advanced deposit.

Yes, prices at the time of the reservation will stay final, no extra charges will be applied if the prices are up due to any reason. The promotional discount will be applied automatically if they are in-between.

Your payment will be processed 2 days before your experience based on standard gulf time.