How To Find The Right Desert Safari In 100’s Of Desert Safari Deals?

Day by day emails from guests, who seems very confused about how to choose the Best Desert Safari In Dubai. We really love to say that Dubai Desert Safari offers the cheaper Desert Safari Deals But the truth is, there is no such thing as a size fits all queries to this question !

Now the question is, How to judge for cheap Desert Safari Deals with good services & cheap Desert Safari Deals with worst services ?

Here we suggest you to ask to safari representative these few essential questions before make the deal done. Be Aware from Agents & 3rd Parties , they are selling same packages with similar prices & poor services for their profit margin or commission that they deduct from you and pay less to service providers.

These kind of tour companies are low in business & hire freelancers in cheap prices that always come late for pickup, they don't talk while on the tour due to poor speaking skill and language grip, they don't let you know what's going on, & they nickel-&-dime you for little thing inside the desert safari camp for getting more & more commission. They hold illegal cars & "believe it or not" many of drivers don't have Driving License as well.

We suggest you to ask for safari representative these few essential questions before makes the deal done.
Is there a Desert Safari Company ? 3rd party or Freelancer Agent ?

How Dubai Evening Safari Also Offers Cheep Desert Safari Deals Like 65 AED | 18$ But Promising For Excellent Services ?

It's really good to know about facts of our company for crystal clear judgement & awareness after reading the inner story of our business. is owned by Batt Tourism L.L.C, Under The Trade Licence # 693459, P.O BOX - 63153
We are Located at Al-Maktoum Road, Daira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Click Here To Navigate
We have our own camp which means focused services & more intimate, & also short queue for food or serving on table as package.
Other Small Companies & Freelancers share their desert safari camp with other companies, that makes them very crowded, because off they cut their percentage and pay-less to organizer.
We have our own 4x4 Cars, which means no need to wait for long queue to transfer back from desert camp to highway road.
Other Small Companies & Freelancers hire rented 4x4 cars for shuttle, as 7 persons at one time, & again 7 until all over to save money by using minimum number of cars.
Dubai Desert Safari Tour cost you about $18 US dollars Due to own camp site & all arrangements
(compare to others cost $25 - $30, as freelancers & small companies)
But everything is same in included like,

Dubai Desert Safari Tour cost you about $18 US dollars (compare to others cost $25 - $30)

What We Offer In 65 AED | 18$

  • 10-15 Minute Dune Drive On 4x4 Cruiser
  • Picture Point In Desert - Sand Board
  • Live Belly Dance, Tenura & Fire Show
  • Camel Ride - Hinna Tatoo - Coffe/Tea
  • Take Free Snaps In Arabic Costumes
  • BBQ Buffet With Veg/Non-Veg Option
  • Includes 5-Live Entertainment Shows

What Other Offers In 25$ - 30$

  • 03-05 Minute Dune Drive On 4x4 Car
  • NO Picture Point - Shared Sand Board
  • Live Belly Dance, Tenura & Fire Show
  • Camel Ride - Hinna Tatoo - Coffe/Tea
  • Paid Snaps In Arabic Costumes
  • Low Quality BBQ Buffet - Veg/Non Veg
  • Only 3-Live Shows Entertainment

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