Desert Safari Dubai – Frequently Asked Question


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What is desert safari ? : Desert Safari is a traditional set of activities inside Bedouin style camp including live performances and adventure drive in the land cruiser, camel ride, sand boarding, henna tattoo, costume pictures with more things to do under cover of different packages.

What is dune drive ? : Drive through the edge of the sand dune to the ground of desert, then again climb up and dragging on sand calls Dune Drive.

What is sand boarding?: Sandboarding is similar sports activity to snowboarding, which involves riding across or down a sand dune while standing on a board.

What is camel ride & how long It will be?: There is no doubt in friendship & loyalty with mankind by camels, enjoy a seat on camel hump for a short ride & take snaps or video of view for 2-3 minutes.

What is Henna Tattoo?: Henna is a natural herbal paste produced from a plant named Lawsonia inermis. T-shirt is traditionally used by women in Arab and Subcontinent to make flowers and designs on their body parts like arms, hands and feet. Its heels stays up to 3 days and it has a very pleasing fragrance too.

What are the Includes when i go inside camp site?: you can enjoy unlimited soft drinks, water, tea, coffee, shawarma with falafel, pasta, you can smoke Arabic Huqa inside smoking court area, take pictures in traditional costumes, & get a free henna tattoo on hand (females & kids)

How can I book my tour ticket?: You can contact us on following numbers to book your tour
+971555864433+971559527878 +97165548006
Or you can use “Book Me” button on the website and fill a short form for reservation.

Where are the central meeting locations located?: There are 8 location for centralized pickup points, Divided in Dubai & Sharjah Area As:


1. Deira City Centre (Deira)

2. Spinneys Next To Burjuman Metro Station (Karama)

3. LuLu Hypermarket Behind Mall Of Emirates (Al Barsha)

4. Dragon Mart (International City)


1. Sharjah City Center

2. Sharjah Mega Mall

3. Sahara Centre (Sharjah Side)

4. Nesto Supermarket – National Paint (OPP Fire Station)

Difference between home pick / drop & centralized pick / drop?: Home Pick / Drop is through shared 4×4 Car with Maximum 7 passengers, Centralized Pick / Drop Is through a shared bus with a maximum 30 passengers.

What are the payment procedure?: Direct Cash Payment on The Pickup Time or ATM Deposit/Bank Transfer.

Before how many days I have to book?: You can book the tour on the current day also, to make sure your reservation on priority its good to book earlier, even you can book it a couple of months before your tour day.

What is cancellation/amendment policy?: Following conditions might apply on the occasion of any cancellation:
If the tour is cancelled amended 48 hrs before the visit date, no cancellation charges will be applied.
If the tour is cancelled/amended within 12 to 24 hrs before the tour date, 50% cancellation charges will be applied.
If the tour is cancelled/amended 06 hrs before the tour date, 100% cancellation charges will be applied.

No Show
As odd chance that your negligence to turn up for the visit, no discounts to a limited extent or full can be given.

Are children under a certain age exempt from ticket charges? If yes then what is age limit?: Children under 3 years are totally free, Desert Safari is safe for infants also.

What stuff should I keep with me on desert safari tour?: Only keep necessary thing with you like your cell phone, camera, sunblock. Do not bulk yourself with unnecessary things that will cause inconvenience late during the tour. Use a backpack if your stuff needs more space than your pockets’ capacity.

What type of dressing is recommended?: Casual dressing is recommended. Jeans with a T-shirt or casual shirt is ideal for both genders. Other than that, make sure you wear a comfortable sporty footwear that does not let sand enter in it. Ladies do not wear heels as you will not be able to walk on sand. Do not forget to bring something warm with you like a jacket or shawl as it starts to get really cold in the evening